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Divorce Solution

Guruji advises you on how not to give in to a divorce agreement. Nowadays couples get divorced for any reason. Recognize what is wrong for you and your spouse. In fact, when you last spoke, your partner seemed strict, reserved and indignant about everything. As always, expectations are put on the table.Instead, one day you click through to look for homework for her, and there’s a piece of paper on the table: a divorce notice. It takes everything. The reasons why people choose to divorce their partner are not as simple as our anger might lead us to believe. This is actually the case.

From different spending habits and set financial goals to the fact that at least one spouse earns significantly more than the other way around, a power

Divorce Solution

struggle arises that can put a strain on the marriage. “Money really affects everything and everyone,” says Guruji, suggesting not to fall into the cash trap.


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